The Certificate for Online Adjunct Teaching (COAT) is one of several MarylandOnline (MOL) programs.  In 2008, research conducted of Maryland higher education institutions showed there was a need for, and an interest in, a state-wide training program for adjunct instructors to develop online teaching competencies. Using data from the Maryland survey of institutions, and additional research of current literature in the field of online education, an online professional development course was developed that encompassed the major competencies needed in order to successfully teach online.

A pilot version of the course was conducted in the spring of 2010, with positive results.  Beginning in the fall of 2010, the course was made available to any interested adjunct faculty members, regardless of institutional affiliation.   Since then, full time faculty members, administrators, instructional designers, and K-12 educators from all over the United States and five countries have taken the course.

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