About COAT

COAT Receives "Distance Program of the Year" Award
from the Maryland Distance Learning Association!

Each year, the Maryland Distance Learning Association recognizes an "exemplary distance learning program that demonstrates effective design and organization and shows ongoing success." This year COAT was the recipient of this prestigious award!

MDLA Award

Bobbi Dubins, COAT Program Director (left)

accepts the "Program of the Year" Award from
Dr. Pam Deering, MDLA President (right)


"It is an honor to receive this award," says Bobbi Dubins, COAT Program Director. "The success of COAT is due to the hard work and commitment of many individuals who have given their time and expertise to make the COAT program a reality. COAT was initially envisioned by members of the Maryland Instructional Design Affinity Group, an informal group of online educators and instructional designers. When we approached MarylandOnline about the project, they loved the idea and were quick to take it to the next level. From that initial idea, COAT has grown into an international program that has provided professional development for over 800 educators in 12 countries, 119 institutions, and 38 states."

The Maryland Distance Learning Association (MDLA) is an association of learning professionals who advocate and promote the coordination and use of distance education in Maryland and throughout the region. MDLA's focus is to provide professional development, networking, and collaborative opportunities for educators in K-12, higher education, and business settings.

COAT joins a number of excellent programs who have received this prestigious award.
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In 2015 the COAT program was turned over to Quality Matters (QM) and transformed into the Teaching Online Certificate (TOC) program. For more information about the TOC please go to https://www.qualitymatters.org/professional-development/toc