Continuing Education Course

The "COAT for Continuing Education" course meets the unique needs and challenges of delivering Continuing Education courses online.  Participants experience online learning from the students' perspective as they explore specific skills needed to teach online.  General teaching and learning concepts are explored and applied to the unique needs of adult learners in the Continuing Education environment. The course is fully online and instructor facilitated, with extensive opportunities to collaborate with peers and the instructor.


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Major topics covered include:

1) Self assessment of technical skills and learning management system skills
2) Learning theories
3) Online teaching strategies
4) Online teaching best practices
5) Establishing social processes and presence - Creating a positive learning environment and engaging adult students in the online classroom
6) Facilitating online discussions - Encouraging peer-to-peer learning
7) Accommodating needs of the adult/CE learner
8) Important legal issues (FERPA, ADA, and copyright) - Student privacy, accommodating students with disabilities, understanding copyright law as applied to online course materials.
9) Institutional policies, procedures, and support services for instructors and students.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants are able to:

1) List Learning Management System (LMS) and technology skills required of instructors in the online classroom
Identify appropriate pedagogical components for the online teaching and learning process
Recognize and establish an appropriate teaching presence in order to facilitate learning in an online CE classroom
Identify basic learning theories
Discuss online teaching best practices
List methods of facilitating online discussions
Consider assessment methods appropriate to their course
Identify key legal issues for FERPA, ADA, and copyright in online courses
Identify policies, procedures, and support services for their institution

See the full course and module objectives.

View the course syllabus.

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The course is five weeks long, with four weeks of the course delivered in a co-hort, paced format and the last week delivered in a self-paced format.  The paced, cohort portion of the course offers extensive opportunities for interaction between participants (and the instructor) and includes activities and assignments that are due at the end of each week.   The self-paced portion of the course offers more flexibility, with the self-paced assignments due at the end of the course.  

Estimated time commitment to complete the course is six to eight hours per week for the paced portion and 10-15 hours (total) for the self-paced portion.

This course focuses on how to teach a course that has already been developed.  It does not cover information on how to develop an online course.

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience teaching in the face-to-face environment.
  • Basic computer skills. To evaluate your computer skills, take the "Computer Skills Inventory" self-check quiz. At a minimum, you must be able to
    • Browse the Internet using browsing software
    • Save, find, and organize files and folders on your hard drive
    • Send and receive files using email
    • Use word processing software (Microsoft Word or compatible)
    • Note: Computer skills are not taught in the "COAT for CE" course. If you are lacking basic computer skills, you should reconsider taking the "COAT for CE" course until you have acquired those skills.
  • A sincere interest in learning how to teach online.
  • A basic idea of what is required of online instructors.  Teaching online can be more work than teaching face-to-face.  Be sure to read "Are You a Good Candidate for Teaching Online?" before signing up for the course.


Differences between the Higher Education/K-12 COAT course and the "COAT for CE" course

The "COAT for CE" course:

  • Is five weeks long instead of nine weeks (First four weeks paced, co-hort and the last week self paced)
  • Is customized to focus on the needs of CE adult learners.
  • All resources are provided online.  There is no need to purchase a textbook.
  • Is less rigorous than the Higher Education / K-12 version of the COAT course.  Specific changes include:
    • "Orienting students" unit is less rigorous
    • Portfolio development not required
    • Simplified group activity experience
    • Hands-on facilitation of a discussion board as the instructor is not required
    • Rubric creation not required
    • Coverage of assessment techniques and methods is less rigorous


Rate: $250.

If you are interested in participating in a future offering of the course, please complete the "COAT for CE Course Interest Form."

We can also run special sections of the course for groups of 8 or more.  Send an email to for more information.

Course is equivalent to approximately 40 hours of "contact time."  While CEU's are not awarded, we can provide an official letter verifying the number of contact hours it typically takes to complete the course.