How "technologically savvy" do I have to be?

You should be familiar with the basic operation of your computer.

At a minimum you must know how to:

  • use a mouse to navigate around the screen
  • use word processing software
  • download files
  • read and send e-mail, attach document files to e-mail, etc.

With some courses you may be asked to use:

  • spreadsheet, database, and presentation software (such as Excel®, Access®, and PowerPoint®)

And, if you'll be exploring information with audio and video components, you'll need to know how (or will learn) to download the necessary "plug-ins."

In addition, you should have some experience and familiarity with navigating and using the Internet as an information and communication resource.

If you're not sure about some of these things, we've included resources in this site for you to use to help you learn what you don't already know.