MarylandOnline was built on collaboration and one of the most valuable assets of the organization is the ability of Board representatives and others in the member institutions to share information and best practices. Board representatives often discuss questions and issues at face-to-face meetings or online, via email or Basecamp.

In 2016, the president of MarylandOnline, Diana Zilberman (BCCC), suggested formalizing the information-sharing process and that proposal was eventually transformed into the current Database of Online Learning information or DOLLI. The goal is to have an easy-to-use database of general information, guidelines, and best practices that would include MOL schools and eventually expand to other Maryland schools and beyond.

In 2018 a formal workgroup was created that included two contracted experts. Karen Rege (Harford Community College), had a librarian background and experience with creating tables and forms. Another recruit, Jeremy Harvey (BCCC), had experience in working with database development and administration. The workgroup, using a database tool called Knack, created the preliminary MOL database and have begun to populate with data from MOL schools.

The workgroup plans to expand the data collection in 2020 and beyond, making DOLLI an ongoing program of MarylandOnline’s. The target date for a public link to do customized searches is late fall in 2020. Check this page later for more information.