MarylandOnline Projects

These are some current projects relevant to MarylandOnline.

Instructor Competencies Project(IC)

MarylandOnline and Quality Matters(QM) jointly proposed a research project to enlist MOL institutions in field-testing a set of instructor competencies.  QM has used the competency standards to create of AM Teaching Online Certificate(TOC) and is exploring other applications of the standards that might be useful to individual colleges and universities.  For more information, contact Tammy Miller at<>.


MarylandOnline Leadership Institute (MOLLI)

MOL's inaugural Leadership Institute was held in July of 2017.  The MOLLI provides the foundational skills for those who wish to be leaders for online learning and higher education in Maryland and beyond.  The Institute inspires, builds new and enhanced skills, and establishes a community of leadership through an ongoing project-based curriculum.  The next MOLLI will be in June of 2018.  For more information, contact Doug Gray at <>.