Online learning allows you to access interactive coursework without the need to be physically present in a classroom at a specific time. Through your computer and an Internet service provider (ISP) you can work on your coursework anywhere, anytime that is convenient to you.

Online learning is fully interactive. You’ll be learning at your own pace and will be able to review the materials online as often as you need. In addition, you can interact with your instructor and classmates by sharing questions, thoughts and ideas through email, chat rooms and threaded discussions.

Online courses are similar to classroom courses. There will be a syllabus that leads you through the knowledge content needed to complete the course. In many online courses, you’ll be asked to do exercises and solve problems either alone or in small groups. You’ll have weekly assignments, and will generally be asked to complete projects, write papers, and/or take tests as a way for the instructors to assess your understanding of the material. And you’ll be interacting with your classmates and instructors, just not face-to-face.